Frequently Asked Questions

Help, I'm having a problem installing or playing Cosmoteer!
Oh no, I'm so sorry! Please check out the F.A.Q. on the support forum. If that doesn't solve your problem, then please post a new topic there or ask in the #tech-support channel in the chat.

Can I create and monetize videos or live-streams of Cosmoteer?
Yes, absolutely! I greatly appreciate any attention you choose to bring to Cosmoteer. If you could also tell people where they can go to download and play the game, that'd be extra-nice.

I have an idea for an awesome new feature, will you add it to the game?
As a general rule of thumb, I can't promise to add a feature until I actually have it implemented and working to my satisfaction in the game. However, I welcome all feature requests, so please first check out the roadmap to make sure it hasn't already been planned or suggested, and then hop on over to the forum and let me know what you have in mind!

When is the next version coming out?
I'm working on it as fast as I can! I can't promise anything more than that, sorry.

Why is this game free? Will it always be free?
It's free because, right now, getting a lot of feedback from players and building a strong community is more important for the game's long-term success than making a small income. Eventually, Cosmoteer will become a paid game, no longer available for free.

Will Cosmoteer be released on Steam?
That's the plan!

Will there be a Mac and/or Linux version?
Eventually I plan to release Mac and Linux versions of Cosmoteer. But right now, I'm just trying to make Cosmoteer as stable as possible on Windows before working on other platforms.

Can I donate to help out with development?
Not currently, but thanks so much for being interested in helping out! Right now, the best way you can help Cosmoteer is to introduce the game to as many other people as you can, and to get involved in the community. (Maybe you can make some awesome mods or help maintain the wiki?)

Who is the developer?
Cosmoteer is being created by Walt Destler, with the help of great friends and an enthusiastic community of supporters.

What programming language and game engine was used to create Cosmoteer?
Cosmoteer is written in C# and uses an engine custom-built just for it, meaning you get a higher-quality, better-performing experience that feels and plays great.

How can I contact you?
For Cosmoteer-related inquiries, please email .